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Corporate guidelines



The company is committed to the code of ethics and operates according to the principles of clarity, transparency and legitimacy, protecting the interests of all persons it associates with, as well as the principles of freedom and human dignity. Specifically, the company opposes any discrimination of gender, race, language, personal or social circumstances, as well as political or religious views.

Third parties are made aware of this code through our publicly declared corporate guidelines, together with our environmental and quality policy.

We operate in accordance with a combined environmental and quality management system. This includes our commitment to comply with current legal obligations and other requirements we support in terms of environmental aspects.

To continuously improve environmental protection and the high quality of work, the company management provides a framework for implementing and evaluating environment and quality relevant objectives and individual goals.

The managing directors and all employees of the company declare their commitment to our environmental and quality obligations. They ensure that the environmental and quality policy is documented regularly, is implemented and upheld, communicated and understood, and evaluated for continued appropriateness.

Our product portfolio covers a broad spectrum of turned parts and thus meets a large number of customer requirements. It is our constant aim to utilise and expand on the resulting innovations. The expansion of the European Union offers us further opportunities.





We wish to supply our customers with our products exactly in accordance with their requirements and specifications, at fair prices, and at the requested delivery dates.

Sustainable and environmental activities, together with the quality of our products, will reflect the satisfaction of our customers and is the most important prerequisite for the economic success of our company.